Only love spoken here
of the
Enjoy the beauty of nature
Lil' Sir Buttercup's
The Magic
of the
Maternity Tree

The Maternity Tree is not
a "Fairy Tale nor a Myth
and certainly not even a

The Maternity Tree
grows in my back yard directly across from
my office window.

Actully it is a secluded area of my yard that has a fence blocking  its view from the world - or at least curious neighbors & noisy kids and pets.

Over the past three years
we have observed each "SOON TO BE MOM"
doe would always drift to our back yard and lay between the two trees of their little glade.

I found that when I decided to spread cedar chips,
the prospective
would lay on the bed of Cedar Chips for three or
four days & nights.

They would only to journey to our front yard for a snack of sweet mash then return to the Magic Maternity Tree
to sleep peacefully.

This birthing season there were 9 fawns
including 2 set of twins,
we expect to be blessed
with many more next year.

Every little bit helps!!

Why not consider adopting
a Fawn for her first year of life?

You will get the enjoyment of knowing
you started something that will continue on
for years to come.
Call 1-541-754-5860
for information

We will be adding photos
constantly, as well as new pages
with each new arrival.
The Magic
Maternity Tree
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