TEENY-TINY is 2010's baby number five
just about 10 inches to the shoulder  and 19 inches long.
Pastel Princess & Teeny-Tiny
"Lil' Miss Buttercups Deerhaven"

Of all the babies born so far this season,
is the smallest and most
delicate by far.

Yesterday (06/24/10)
at approximately 5:00PM we had our first glimps of the newest impish little beauty.

She was accompanied in her introduction by her Mom P-Princess
and her aunt
Cutie Pie.

Cutie Pie has taken the duties of watchful aunt serously and will not allow Teeny-Tiny to get more than 10 feet from
her watchful gaze.

Like with all the other babies born, her mom spent her 4 full days & nights resting beneath the
"Magic Maternity Tree"
filling up on grasses and
grains, only to disappear for 5 days and return very skinny after giving birth  and not leaving the side of her new daughter.

There's more to me than just my butt !
But not a whole lot, because
Thats my mom, Pastel Princess.
This is my Aunt
Cutie Pie
Yep it's me again
"Whoops !"
Could ya signal next time, huh Mom ?
Aunt Cutie Pie
"My Mom"
Always my butt, why ?
We're off to see the Wizard !!
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