Little Bit about to Deliver

Little Bit and the Magic Maternity Tree 6/23 - 6/26/2010
Is the latest of our resident Doe
who is about to deliver.

She had spend her required 3 - days laying beneath the Magic
Maternity Tree
and her water broke 6/25/2010

We do not expect to see her and her newborn fawn for at least 3-5 days.

She probably will deliver the 26th and then bring her baby to visit about the 1st of July

Dew Drop's
film debut 07-01-10
Little Bit's baby makes her film debut 7-01-10, in the video at the
bottom of the page -  "DEW DROP" is about 7 days old - enjoy!!!
Little Bit & The Magic
Maternity Tree
June 23 2010 Little Bit is due to deliver
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