Friends of  Buttercup
Both 2 & 4 Legged

Buttercups for the New Year 2011
This will be the year of Buttercup and all his friends
Buttercup & Baby Doll
Charlotte's Web
Buttercup & Baby Doll
By Gracie
Charlotte's Web
By Brittiney
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Let Me Tell You a Story
About Buttercup's
Friends & Guest Artists
About 3 years ago
These little girls and their family were involved in a very serious accident in Southern California. Thank God they are alive and well today.

Our Guest Artists
"GRACIE & BRITTINEY" receive a weekly allowance of $1.00 each, and wanted to send their Christmas allowance
(Mom did Too) as a present to care for Buttercup & his friends.

Their allowance helps Buttercup, their Drawings are PRICELESS.

The girls suggested we could
make copies
& give their drawings
to people who donate
to feed their friend
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Tweedle Dee-Tweedle Dumpling,&  Sara Being Cute
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